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High performance adhesives for the packaging industry

Our product range has been specifically developed for the flexible packaging converting and graphics arts industries. Our polymer development and design techniques have allowed us to supply tailor made products to meet the rapidly changing needs of the converting industry with safety, quality and the environment in mind. Production, Research & Development and Technical Service Laboratories are all based in the UK.

The Pure-Flex range of laminating adhesives includes solvent-free, solvent-based and water-based adhesives available as one or 2-component systems.

Solvent-Free Laminating Adhesives
Our extensive range includes Pure-Flex 946 / C86, this modular system offers
Suitable for a wide range of substrates
High production speeds
Excellent wetting
Easy cleaning
With the option to use alternative Curatives to obtain higher chemical resistance.

Solvent-Based Laminating Adhesives

Our extensive range includes products from general purpose to high performance. Our general purpose system Pure-Flex 510 / C4 offers excellent bond strengths on a wide range of substrates, high machine speeds, combined with ease of handling and the ability to run at high application solids. Pure-Flex 300 /180440 is one of our high performance systems that gives outstanding performance on aluminium foil.

Water-Based Laminating Adhesives.

Our 2-component water-based laminating adhesive system Pure-Flex 800 / C80 is highly versatile and is suitable for both dry and wet packs. It contains no organic solvent, is free from epoxy and also free from primary aromatic amines.

Ink Media

The Pure-Flex range of ink media includes both plasticising and film forming resins for solvent based inks. Complementing our comprehensive range of plasticising thermoplastic polyurethane resins is our film-forming XL1500. Pure-Flex XL 1500 is the latest development in our Pure-Flex range; it is a thermoplastic, non-reactive aliphatic resin that is fully NC compatible.

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